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The Importance of Vitamin B12 Supplements for our Body Systems

Importance of vitamin B12 for our body systems B12 is a kind of a water-soluble vitamin. It is very vital for the normal functioning of most body systems. It is not produced by animals or any kind of fungi, rather it is synthesized by bacteria which contains the enzymes that synthesize it. Vitamin B12 can be obtained from foods such as milk products, cheese, meat, fish, some cereals with whole grain oats and even eggs. In the body, it is stored in the liver. Vitamin B12 is very important for the functioning of nerves and DNA synthesis. It also plays a major role in the balancing of hormones. Basically, the vitamin B12 is vital for normal body functioning since it propels proper functioning of the major body systems. It is, therefore, necessary to keep up consumption of vitamin B12 through the kinds of foods mentioned above. Vitamin B12 deficiency can manifest itself in many ways which include fatigue, changes in moods through stress and depression or feeling completely worn out as