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The Impact Of Oral Hygiene On Your Health

The impact of oral hygiene on you health

The importance of having good teeth starts from the fact that healthy teeth are key to having a good image. They say you may not judge the book by its cover but it unfortunately happens, in fact people have openly stated that they look for 'white, straight' teeth when looking for a life partner. The rest of the world will immediately draw up conclusions about you based solely on your teeth. But the implications of having healthy teeth goes beyond your image or giving you chances at going on a date. Recently, doctors have realized that most of the chronic conditions that ail the body are connected to dental health.

Nobody would have thought that having diabetes or a heart condition would have your doctor referring you to see the dentist but it is happening, and solving a dental problem seems to bring most of these conditions under control!

What is the connection between oral hygiene and overall body health?
It starts with the accumulation of foods between teeth due to lack of brushing. With time, this encourages bacteria to flourish, causing an inflammation of the gums. The condition is called periodontitis. Excessive inflammation of the gums affects blood vessels in the heart and brain over long periods of time.

Gum disease and diabetes

People with diabetes are more likely to have gum disease than those without, due to the fact that gum disease affects the way insulin controls blood sugar. This means if you are entertaining bad oral hygiene you are more susceptible to getting diabetes.

Fertility problems

Young women with good oral hygiene take a shorter time to get pregnant as opposed to those who have rotten teeth and gum disease, according to a recent Australian research. The latter's chances of miscarrying are also way higher, thanks to poor oral hygiene.

Heart conditions

Your chances of getting a stroke or heart disease are doubled when you have periodontitis. Doctors have linked it to the possibility of bacteria from the mouth getting into the bloodstream and increasing the possibility of an inflammation that triggers heart conditions.

Breathing problems

They have been linked to the possibility of breathing in bacteria from the mouth, inhaling them into the lungs and causing an inflammation that results to respiratory problems for people with poor oral hygiene.

Brain and memory problems

The blood vessels and nerves that connect between your jaws and brain could transfer bacteria from rotting teeth and allow for conditions like dementia and Alzheimer's.

Oral hygiene is not only about brushing your teeth regularly. It also involves flossing, avoiding bad habits and eating foods that will promote your dental health. Regular visits to the dentist are an absolute must, as they help in keeping your mouth clean and curbing dental conditions before it is too late. Avoid all these health issues by ensuring that oral hygiene is of utmost priority. There is no need to entertain rotten teeth or gum disease! Apart from giving you a bad image, they as slowly killing you on the inside by making you vulnerable to diseases!

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