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Thyroid Problems? Here Are The Friendliest Foods To Be Consuming

Friendliest foods to be consuming with thyroid problems

There are a lot of health issues that we can control just by checking out diet and thyroid problems are no different. Below is a list of the top 8 food choices for people who have a problematic thyroid system.

1. Greens

We are talking kales, lettuce or any other leafy greens that we usually include in our diet. They are a rich source of magnesium, which helps a lot in controlling your body's normal functioning. If you are getting unusual muscle cramps or your heartbeat rate is faster than it should be, it could be because your daily intake of magnesium is low. Be very careful with kale however, since it has been defined as a goitrogen. This simply means that it may inhibit the absorption of iodine in the thyroid. If you are able to supply your body with enough iodine then you shouldn't be worried about your kale intake.

2. Salt

Iodized salt is quite helpful in ensuring that your thyroid works well. If you opt for sea salts or the salt contained in packaged foods, then you are missing out on this element. Iodized table salt has been clearly labelled as such and should be used for food preparation at home.

3. Nuts

Brazil nuts, cashew nuts, almonds... Nuts are great sources of iron. Apart from this, you will also get a rich supply of selenium which has great benefits for the thyroid system.

4. Seafood

A diet that has salmon, shrimp, oysters, seaweed among other seafoods is a good source of iodine, which as we had mentioned earlier helps your thyroid system. Be quite careful to avoid high kelp intake as it makes the condition worse.

5. Chicken

Your poultry serving is practically full of amino acids and in particular tyrosine (The main component of the thyroid hormone, responsible for weight control.) Tyrosine is also available in leafy greens and dairy products, but chicken has the added B12 vitamin which is also another key player in preventing thyroid health problems.

6. Yogurt

The amazing thing about most dairy products is that they are packed with lots of healthy minerals and vitamins. Yogurt for example, contains vitamin D which coats the thyroid and protects it from damage. This vitamin has special anti-inflammatory and immunity boosting properties for proper production of the thyroid hormone. Apart from this, yogurt has probiotics which produce 'good bacteria' for proper balance against thyroid issues.

7. Whole grains

When you consume whole grains, you effectively control the amount of calories that your body absorbs. Whole grains are a bit harder to digest plus they leave you feeling fuller. This way, you will be consuming less with a higher metabolic rate which is the best way to maintain a healthy thyroid system. Your go-tos in this area include brown bread, quinoa, oatmeal etc.

8. Apples

They simply detoxify your system which sometimes absorbs metals like mercury that may be present in your food. A detoxified system means a fully functioning thyroid system.

There are of course others like green tea, eggs, garlic and avocado just to mention but a few. The best way to fight thyroid problems is to take foods that are rich in iodine and nutrients that enhance food absorption to speed up your metabolism.

Are you taking thyroid medication?
It is advised that you take them before eating to enhance maximum absorption. The presence of calcium is also a hindrance to the way your medication will be absorbed, so space your intake for better results. Remember to always consult your doctor for further advice on any given medication!

Disease Prevention through Nutrition and Exercise

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