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The Amazing Benefits Of Float Therapy

Amazing benefits of float therapy

Just when you thought the art of relieving stress and completely relaxing your body couldn't get better, here is another amazing one -Float therapy. It is a kind of therapy that is a bit different from our normal routine, but one that works perfectly well and with amazing benefits to the mind and body. If you have been wondering what floatation is all about, let's break it down so you can learn what it entails before you embark on your float relaxation procedure.

What is Float Therapy?

It includes experiencing about an hour of total relaxation inside a floatation tank. This floatation tank looks like a large enclosed bathtub and once inside, you are sealed off from distractions such as sight, sound and touch. As part of the float therapy process, you will float on a super saturated solution of Epsom salt, something that gives you a buoyant environment and takes away gravity for a weightless feeling that enables you to totally relax your muscles. You might choose to wear ear plugs to be able to concentrate better. Amazing, right?
Those who have never tried it may find the idea to be completely absurd but the story always changes once they decide to go for their first float.
What are the benefits associated with float therapy?

The best one yet is the ability to relieve stress. When the body is completely relaxed, it releases endorphins which make you feel good. Together with the intense relaxation, you will slowly be able to forget the outside world and let go of stressful thoughts. Stress is the leading cause of many ailments and anger issues so anything we can do to ease up a bit on it is always a welcome relief.
This type of therapy has been known to get people out of a depressive state too, considering the amount of time they spend relaxing and focusing on the great feeling of being free.

Most people who have been in a floatation tank have reported a feeling of deep relaxation that is equivalent to four hours of sleep. It tends to improve their sleeping patterns in future, effectively bringing insomnia under control.
Those who have never been able to relax enough to focus on their inner self gain an advantage with floatation. The silent environment gives them a chance to really meditate and even though its easy to start thinking about that bill you have not paid or that person you have not texted back, there is ample time to refocus until it comes naturally. Meditation relieves stress and is great for spiritual and personal growth.

Physically, float therapy gives the body a chance to heal internally. Blood circulation is improved and for someone who is taking medication, the body is able to absorb it efficiently for maximum benefits. People with injuries also enable their bodies to recuperate with float therapy, something that has made it a go-to option for people who are involved in sports.
Why Epsom salt?

This is another name for magnesium sulfate. Most of us are not aware of it but we lack the magnesium mineral in our bodies. Epsom salt has been used since time immemorial for treating aches, pain and skin ailments. When it is sufficient in our system, magnesium lowers heart diseases, promotes better sleep and immensely lowers stress levels.

For float therapy to work, you must be a willing participant. Be ready to let go of stressful thoughts and focus on the feeling of relaxation. Every float experience is different, which makes it even more fun. I mean, if there is an activity that gives you a chance to feel like nothing else in the world matters for a while and completely works to relieve stress it has to be floatation. It benefits your mind and body, and gives you smooth radiant skin too!

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