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How our Body's Inflammation Can Have a lot to do with Our Body's Health

How our body's inflammation can have a lot to do with our body's health You might have heard about anti-inflammatory diets and anti-inflammatory medication, right? But do you actually know what inflammation entails? In simple terms, inflammation refers to the mechanism in which our body responds to injury and infections. In other words, it is a way our body signals the immune system to repair and heal the damaged tissue while protecting itself against viruses and bacteria. So is inflammation crucial? How can it affect our body’s health? We all need inflammation to live; however, it can turn out to be hazardous to our health. If our body senses infection, stress, or toxic chemicals, the immune system responds quickly by activating the proteins intended to protect the tissues and cells. According to health experts , inflammation acts as a good friend to our body, and without it, there can be both long and short term health hazards. How inflammation can affect our hea