Bamboo Water: The Next Big Thing?

The next big thing? Bamboo water

People are constantly looking for ways to take the boredom out of drinking plain water to quench thirst by creating new flavors and in some cases introducing some healthy benefits into bottled water. You may have seen and tasted some varieties that you liked or others that you didn't fancy so much. Well, here is a new addition that may hit the shelves late this summer in the form of bamboo water! Yes, the same bamboo that pandas eat, someone decided to look into the health properties that may be contained in bamboos, and discovered that bamboo extract could actually be quite beneficial to the human body.

Bamboo extract

The green substance that is made by bamboo leaves during photosynthesis is harvested to form this extract. When farmers are harvesting bamboo, they mainly focus on taking the stems thus the leaves are pretty much left to waste, so the act of using bamboo leaves to manufacture something useful out of them is quite friendly to the environment. The green liquid in many plants has been known to contain high levels of antioxidants and microbial effects, and according to the manufacturers of bamboo water, bamboo extract is no exception.


The research behind the benefits of antioxidants found in plant extracts is true, but there is no hard evidence that points at bamboo extract as being actually beneficial to humans. According to Vincent Villanis who is the founder of Bamboo beverages, they are working towards proving these claims. June Panee, who is a researcher based in Hawaii has however conducted a research that she says shows that bamboo extract has helpful anti tumor, anti inflammatory and anti anxiety effects. So far, the only fact is that bamboos were widely used in ancient Chinese medicine due to anti inflammatory properties. It is still used in parts of China and Hawaii as a supplement.

The taste?

Since bamboo water will be pretty much categorized under other 'weird' flavored waters, it is pretty safe to assume that it will have a slightly different taste just like coconut water, maple water or aloe water. The bottled version will however have 16 grams of sugar per 350ml of bamboo water.

So there we have it the new low calorie drink that contains bamboo extract, bottled to give you bamboo water. Believed to contain powerful antioxidants, antimicrobial effects and even anti halitosis effects, all that remains is for us to have a taste to know whether we shall go crazy for it or we shall put it to the side and continue with what we are used to. Bamboo Beverages is currently the only company that manufactures the product and the founder's optimism in its abilities is refreshing.

It is too early to make assumptions about how bamboo water will be received by the people. However, as long as it is completely natural and hydrates the body, it is definitely worth a shot. Whether you are a dancer, an athlete, or just a person looking to keep fit and stay hydrated, bamboo water could be the thing for you. A bottle would cost you about two bucks and who knows, you just might like the taste enough to make it your preferred drink of choice!

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