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Health Signs Of High Blood Pressure

Health signs of high blood pressure

Most of the things that we associate with high blood pressure or hypertension are actually untrue. We usually have this misconception that when someone has hypertension they will start sweating profusely, their face will flush or they will have trouble sleeping. These are all common myths! The truth is you may have high blood pressure for years but you wouldn't even know about it unless a proper diagnosis is done by a doctor.

So what are the symptoms of high blood pressure?

By the time you are experiencing the health signs of hypertension, it means that it has accelerated to alarming levels. The condition is called a hypertensive crisis. When this happens, it is a medical emergency that should immediately be looked into. These symptoms include:

1. Shortness of breath.
2. Nosebleeds.
3. Severe headaches and anxiety.

Other symptoms like sudden dizziness should not be ignored. If a person is suddenly dizzy or they cannot coordinate their limbs or find proper balance, it could be a sign that they are having a stroke. High blood pressure is one of the leading causes for a stroke.

Self medicating or diagnosing on matters related to hypertension is not advised. You must make a point to have your blood pressure regularly checked so that an onset would be taken care of early in advance.

There are special cases that prompt high blood pressure, for instance pregnancy. This is mostly common for first time mothers, a woman carrying twins or one who has a history of hypertension in their family. The condition mostly regulates itself after the 20 week mark, but if it continues then a case of preeclampsia may occur.

Symptoms of a persistent case of high blood pressure in a pregnant woman may include severe headaches, excessively swollen hands and feet or a trace of protein in their urine. Although one of the major risks is loss of life, the blood pressure usually gets back to normal after giving birth.

What causes high blood pressure?

We had already talked about pregnancy as a factor. You will notice that there is a close relation between your health and blood pressure. When your blood pressure is constantly high, you are likely to develop heart and kidney related issues, so take care of your health to curb hypertensive cases!

Other causes may be:

- Obesity.
- Age, especially for those who are above 40 years.
- Cigarette smoking and excessive drinking of alcohol.
- A family history of the condition.
- Dietary habits like taking too much salt.

How to control high blood pressure

There are a number of necessary changes that will return your blood pressure back to normal. They include:

- Exercising regularly.
- Losing excessive weight.
- Reducing your caffeine intake.
- Cutting off some habits like excessive drinking of alcohol and smoking.
- Reduce your salt intake.

Care must be exercised especially with our dietary habits so as to ensure that we stay healthy. HBP has been feared as a silent killer that never rears its ugly head until the late stages, so if we take care of our health we would be able to avoid this common condition. Remember, you should only trust a qualified medical practitioner to read your blood pressure levels for a proper diagnosis. By the time you experience the health signs of hypertension, it might be too late to avoid the side effects.

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