How Can I Lower The Risk Of Colon Polyps?

How to lower the risk of colon polyps

Most polyps are generally harmless and could be treated, but the leading cause of colon cancer is the presence of polyps in the colon. They could appear singly or in clusters in the inner lining of the colon wall. Sometimes they stay there, with little or no consequence, but there is the risk that they could develop to cancer. Although there are different things that trigger their presence, lifestyle choices are a leading cause. For instance if you maintain a poor diet, smoke or drink heavily or if you are overweight, you are at a higher risk of developing colon polyps. The good news however, is that you can tremendously lower your chances of getting these harmful polyps by adapting to a lifestyle that gives you a healthier colon.

~Limit your red meat intake You stand a chance of having a cleaner and healthier colon if you regulate the amount of red meat that you eat. If you have already been diagnosed with colon polyps you could opt to completely cut it off your menu.

~ Improve your colon health by having lots of vegetables It does not matter what type of vegetables you choose, but balance them in a way that you will daily get your healthy dose of antioxidants to keep your colon clean and detoxified.

~ When your colon is constantly exposed to high amounts of alcohol The amount of toxins that accumulate could lead to the development of colon cancer. Limit the amount of alcohol you take so you can lower the risks of colon polyps appearing.

~ Stay within healthy weight limits You could do this through regular exercise and a healthy diet. The key thing is in flushing out toxins and keeping the body's organs functioning at their optimum, including the colon. When for instance there is a high level of insulin in the system, common in overweight people, the chances of developing colon polyps are very high.

~ Avoid the use of tobacco Smoking has always been deadly, so avoid it as much as you can. People who smoke are at a high risk of developing colon polyps and eventually colon cancer.

~ Regular screening helps a lot This is especially if you are at a higher risk of developing colon polyps. These are the people who:

-Are aged above 50.
-Have a history of colon polyps in their family.
-Are overweight.
-Smoke or drink a lot.
-Have had colon polyps before.

You can effectively lower your chances of getting polyps in the colon by letting go of those little guilty pleasures and adapting to a healthier lifestyle. Something like the fatty snacks that we regularly indulge in could be the cause of a long term ailment in the name of colon cancer. So start working on changing your diet to include more green vegetables, cut down on your fat intake, quit drinking or smoking and even take supplements that will increase the levels of calcium and folic acid in your system. A healthy way of living gives you a healthier colon, eliminating your chances of developing colon polyps!

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