How High Heels Can Be The Source Of Agonizing Pain For Your Feet

High heels can be a source of agonizing pain

Wearing heels is one of the leading causes of foot problems among women, but do we have to give them up completely? There is an added advantage to wearing them if one can stand the pain, in that they tend to gain an extra boost of confidence because they automatically look slimmer and have that swing when they walk. But the damage brought about by heels extends beyond the pain you feel as you walk, meaning your killer heels can literally kill you more than you are bargaining for. There are long term problems associated with wearing heels on a regular, including a permanent damage to the spine and leg tendons.

How are heels damaging my feet?

Your feet are the main support system for your whole body weight. When you wear heels, your feet are forced to slide forward, redistributing the weight around your bent toenails. When this happens, your back tries to compensate by arching in an unnatural position which leads to back problems. Your compressed feet can also have new problems like ingrown toenails and bunions.

The irreversible damage to the feet however, comes in when Achilles tendons have been interfered with. These leg tendons are placed behind your leg so you can flex your feet to either a pointy or flat position. Wearing heels over a prolonged period of time compresses the Achilles tendons to a certain extent, so it becomes hard to stretch them back. This is what causes pain when a person who is used to wearing heels tries to switch back to flats. Their tendons have been practically shortened, a condition called plantar fasciitis.

So do I have to give up my heels completely?

You most certainly don't have to forego your guilty pleasure completely! There are ways you can still enjoy your heels but at the same time you should be taking measures to maintain healthier feet.

- Stretch your feet as much as possible. This means you should properly stretch your Achilles tendons before and after wearing your heels. When you are in a position where you can take off your heels e.g when working behind your desk, then by all means take them off and give your feet a chance to stretch.

-Wear heels to events where you do not have to stand or walk a lot.

-Carry an extra pair of flats for walking around. Yes, you have shown up in your killer heels, looking all elegant, but once inside you can have mercy on your leg tendons by switching to a more comfortable shoe. If you need to walk somewhere, wear your flats then switch when you get there.

-Wear shoes that are the right size. One tip for buying shoes, always buy them in the afternoon when your feet have expanded. Wearing the right size ensures even distribution of weight around the shoe. Invest in soles that prevent your feet from sliding inside your shoe.

Taking these simple steps will ensure that your feet are happier, something that even improves your moods. Of course if your feet have already been damaged by heels you could start by taking the size of the heel down a notch. Start with minor reductions so you can train your feet to accommodate a bit of a stretch at a time.

There are so many scientific researches that have shown that heels actually damage our bodies, but with the right measures we can comfortably incorporate them into our lives while maintaining healthier feet.

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