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Living with Osteoporosis: Prevention and Treatment

Prevention and treatment for osteoporosis

Osteoporosis refers to a condition where a person suffers from weak and fragile bones. This means the bone density is very low, so such a person runs the risk of fracturing their bones even after minor accident. It is a common condition among people who are older than 50, although even the young are not completely safe. The good news however, is that one can comfortably prevent or live with osteoporosis for a long time without suffering from the major complications it brings about. Keep in mind that your best weapon is bone strengthening!

The treatment plan for osteoporosis involves dealing with and preventing fractures through the strengthening of bones. Your care provider would suggest a healthy diet of Calcium and Vitamin D rich foods. Supplements would also help a lot in balancing the body's supply of these minerals and vitamins.

How to strengthen your bones

With stronger bones, you could slow down the process of osteoporosis or completely halt it.


This is a very important mineral that aids in the formation and strengthening of bones. With a combination of ample Calcium and Vitamin D, you can comfortably ensure that you are building your bone mass at a faster rate than the bone deterioration process brought about by osteoporosis.
Maintain a diet of calcium rich foods such as milk and its related products such as cheese and yoghurt. Cereals and citrus juice are also a good source of calcium and Vitamin D. It is advisable to have an approximate of 1000mls of calcium per day.


With the right exercise routine, you would be able to improve your balance and coordination. Although the exercise would not be vigorous, it would be perfect to keep you fit so you have better reflexes and ultimately reduce your chances of falling.

Limit your chances of home related accidents

Whatever you can do around your house to ensure that you do not strain your bones would extremely be helpful in living with osteoporosis. Ask for help when lifting heavy things or when reaching for things that are beyond your height. Ensure that the house is well lit so you do not trip and fall. Be careful also as you move around the house to avoid unwanted injuries. Preventive measures are better than having to test how much of a fall your bones can take without fracturing!

Other measures that would be helpful would be to quit smoking and if possible, cut down on the alcohol intake. These play a huge role in the possibility of bone fracturing. Your care provider may also want to learn about any other medication you could be taking that would affect your bone density and its chances of thinning and causing osteoporosis.

Some medication could be provided as part of the treatment plan for osteoporosis according to the patient's age, sex, injury history or the mineral density in their bones.

The best advice however, remains in investing on a healthy diet with Calcium and Vitamin D and if necessary, supplements that guarantee a mineral boost. Osteoporosis is treated and prevented using the same process of bone strengthening, which makes it a bit easier to deal with especially for those who care to learn how to naturally improve their bone density. Remember, your calcium supplements should not be taken without the careful supervision of a qualified doctor. They know the right measures for your preventive efforts against the condition or as part of your osteoporosis treatment plan!

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