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Simple Steps To Get Rid Of Anxiety

Steps to rid yourself of anxiety

It is possible to live with and manage anxiety, but why would you want to do that when you can cure it? Most people make mistakes that aggravate the condition, but luckily there are steps that you can take to get rid of anxiety for good. But first, here are a few misconceptions you might want to get out of the way:

That medication is the best option.

Although in some cases medication has been used, studies show that cognitive behavioral therapy
(CBT) is the better option as a treatment for anxiety. This is because patients are taught lifetime skills to cope with the condition. In most cases, these two treatments are used together.

That anxiety is not that serious.
This is a common misconception, but anxiety is a disorder that needs to be taken seriously as it has lasting effects throughout one's life and general health.

That anxiety can easily be overcome without assistance.
Most patients assume that it is just a phase, or that one can suppress the disorder with medication alone. The truth is, assistance is required to help overcome anxiety. This could be in form of therapy.

Here are a few habits that will help you get rid of anxiety for good

1. Get enough sleep

It has a way of improving your mood. Depriving yourself of sleep raises your stress levels, which tends to make you even more anxious over things.

2. Have a positive outlook

By all means, avoid being negative. Positivity makes you more optimistic which reduces chances of you being anxious.

3. Exercise regularly

It takes your mind off things for a while, relaxing the mind and making it easier to sleep at night. As a result, you have no time to focus on your anxiety.

4. Do not compare yourself to other people

It has a way of making you feel like a lesser being, like somehow other people are better than you. This will only raise your anxiety levels. The best you can do is focus on bettering yourself and doing the best you can in situations.

5. Surround yourself with positive people

Learn to encourage those around you and in return they will encourage you back. This cycle of encouragement will have a positive impact on your life, thus reducing those bouts of anxiety.

6. Actively try to overcome anxiety

Involve yourself in activities that will make you forget or will help you overcome the anxiety. Do not feel sorry for yourself and become a willing victim! You can bury your mind in a book, go out with friends etc.

Is there a difference between an anxiety disorder and a panic attack?

Anxiety is usually triggered by something. It could be a thought or a physical thing. For instance, one may feel overly anxious over talking to a crowd of people. A panic attack on the other hand usually just happens without a trigger and is very unpredictable. Panic attacks have symptoms like heavy breathing, chest pains, among others. When one gets a panic attack in a certain area, they might want to avoid going back there. Although these two are quite common and could have adverse effects on a person's life, they can easily be treated so one can have a better life.

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