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The Best Steps To Avoid Common Cancers

The best steps you can take to try avoiding common cancers

When it comes to cancer prevention, a lot of us get confused because some of the information is conflicting. While some people will say you must avoid some things, others will swear that those things are perfectly healthy. The best news is that cancer prevention is all about the type of lifestyle you adapt to. When you make a few necessary changes you will be well on your way to a healthy cancer free life. What are these lifestyle routines to help prevent cancer?

Avoid tobacco

Whether chewed or smoked, tobacco brings about cancer of the lung, bladder, kidney, cancer in the oral cavity and even the pancreas. Even the people who are exposed to second hand smoking are not spared! So by all means, stay away from tobacco. There are several ways and programs that can help you if you need to quit.

Eat well

Practice healthy eating by avoiding junk and eating more of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Nutrition determines how healthy your body will be and also your chances of being overweight. One important thing to note is that overweight and obese people have a higher chances of developing cancer. So you might want to cut down on those fatty snacks and actively watching what you ingest for a healthy and cancer free body! Alcohol is also something that you can cut down on, since studies have shown that a person's chances of developing breast cancer are increased if they take alcohol.


As mentioned above, being overweight is problematic especially if you are actively trying to avoid getting cancer. So make it your daily habit to carry out exercises that will keep you in shape and within healthy weight limits. Habitual walks and cycling could be life saving. Here is something to motivate you, physical exercise helps in reducing the chances of getting prostate cancer, breast and even lung cancer


Getting immunized against hepatitis B and Human Papillomavirus (HPV) greatly helps in your effort to live a cancer free life. For instance, immunization against hepatitis B helps in preventing cancer of the liver while HPV immunization helps in preventing cancers that affect the genitals, head and neck.

The sun is good, but not too much!

Avoid exposing yourself to too much sunlight and if you absolutely must, then be generous with the sunscreen. Skin cancer is very common but it can be prevented by staying in the shade and ensuring that skin is protected at all times.

Pay attention to your body

Do not ignore certain discomforts or pains. For instance, regular cramps could indicate signs of cervical cancer. Ensure that you carry our regular screens to check whether you have cancer. Therefore, visit your doctor often and learn how to self check for signs of breast cancer.

When it comes to cancer, early diagnosis is extremely helpful. Always be vigilant in checking for signs and living a life that enables you to follow these best steps to avoid common cancers. Basically, treat your body well by living a healthy lifestyle and your cancer free body will thank you for it!

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