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Top 5 Real Reasons To Start Eating Organic

If you want to live a healthy life, it goes without saying that you must go organic. How is this helpful? Organic foods contain no chemicals, so they are a safer option for you and the environment, protecting it for future generations. It is true that organic foods are more expensive than their conventionally grown counterparts, in fact, a farmer who grows organic has a more difficult time because the process is slower and more labor intensive. The result however, is good health for the farmer, the consumer and a generally healthier planet.

There are fruits and foods that you absolutely must choose to have as organic. An example is milk, eggs, meat, strawberries, apples, peaches, celery, pears, kale, carrots and so many others. They are very susceptible to chemical contamination and going organic saves you from ingesting up to 80% of chemicals into your body. Other foods such as onions, watermelons, avocadoes, broccoli and pineapples are a bit lower on pesticide contamination perhaps due to their thick skin. Basically, when it comes to fruits and vegetables, if the skin is edible you would be much safer choosing organic.
Organic fruit and vegetables are always farm fresh because they do not have a long shelf life.

So here are the top 5 reasons to go organic.

1. Nutrition

Organic meat, milk and poultry products are more nutritious than genetically modified options. Studies have shown that animals that graze on natural pastures give products that are packed with healthy antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids. These foods also reduce the risk of obesity, as the genetically modified products tend to interfere with the body's weight gain-loss hormones, thus increasing the chances of one gaining weight in an unhealthy way.

2. Health

Your general health is better protected when you eat organic. This is because you are able to avoid toxic exposures brought about by the use of too many pesticides on conventionally produced foods. These harmful exposures have led to birth defects, reduced fertility, learning disabilities such as ADHD, certain types of cancer, obesity, just to mention a few. The antioxidants in organic foods help in boosting your natural immunity, therefore leaving you stronger and healthier.

3. Environment protection

Did you know that the fertilizers used when growing foods via conventional means contain all kinds of harmful chemicals that harm the environment and seep into food? For instance, a recent study showed that these foods have a substantial amount of hair shampoo that ends up on the table! We are ingesting hair shampoo! The use of sludge from human sewages in fertilizers tends to alter the natural balance in the soil and the general environment. You only need to visit an organic farm to understand this. Insects, birds, plants and animals live in perfect harmony in this safe haven because of the lack of toxins. Going organic ensures that future generations will get to see this perfect balance!

4. Taste and flavor

You do not need studies to inform you on the difference between the two. Organic foods have a rich, pleasant feeling on your taste buds as they have grown in a completely natural habitat. When fruits such as berries are grown conventionally, they are rushed to maturity and have too many modifications as they grow which alters their taste. GMOs have a bland taste whereas organic fruits taste better.

5. Avoid the unknown

There is no telling the extent of the harm that is actually brought about by the pesticides and chemical fertilizers used to grow conventional foods. Obesity, cancer and fertility problems are just the ones that have been discovered so far. What if there are more problems in the long run? These lab produced foods are never tested on humans so instead of finding out the hard way, it is better if we avoided the imminent risk on our families by going organic! Perhaps it may sound cliché but it is better if we stayed safe than went ahead and regretted our food choices later.

Hopefully by now this piece has inspired you to go organic. Next time you feel that you are paying a little more for organic foods, remember that you are only keeping your family and environment safe. In some countries there are coupons online to help you meet some of your grocery shopping costs. Anything to keep the family slimmer and healthier, right? Can the organic feast begin already!

Eating Organic Foods for A Healthier Life

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