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Top 7 Simplified Skin Care Tips To Banish Dry Skin

Simplified skin care to banish dry skin

As we get older the skin ages as well, losing the once effortlessly supple look that was present in our younger years. It tends to look wrinkly and drier as well, but is this always the case? Of course not! There are ways we can banish drier skin even as the years catch up with us. Starting with what we eat, drink and finally the way we externally treat our skin. Here is a simplified list of skin care tips and steps we can take to avoid dry skin as we get older.

1. Hydrate

Ensure that you stay hydrated all day long by sipping on fluids such as water, natural juice, a smoothie etc. You also need to eat vegetables and fresh fruit for an 'inside job' that will keep your skin moisturized.

2. Moisturize

Apply a good moisturizer immediately after a bath to trap in moisture. Trapped moisture keeps the skin soft and smooth and keeps dry blotches at bay.

3. Use a humidifier

Do so during the winter season when the air is super dry both inside and outside your home. Invest in a humidifier to ensure that your skin is not exposed to too much dryness.

4. Avoid harsh soaps

They tend to strip your skin of its natural oils, leaving it very dry and flaky. Use only soaps that will moisturize your skin, staying away from perfumed or alcohol based soaps.

5. What is the temperature of your bath water?

Some of us enjoy a good soak inside a bath that is a tad too hot, but this only serves to wash away the skin's natural oils. Use lukewarm water for a bath or when showering, and avoid bathing for too long. 10 minutes is long enough! Overstaying just means that you are overly stripping your skin of its essential oils.

6. Do not scrub

You may want to give your face a proper scrub to get rid of dead skin as regularly as possible, but this only serves to dry it even more. Avoid washcloths, sponges or brushes on your aging skin. If you must, then be very gentle. Also, instead of rubbing your skin with a towel when drying off, pat dry instead. Excessive stress on the skin causes dryness.

7. By all means 

Avoid wearing fabrics and materials that may irritate your skin. Scratching is one of the easiest ways to ruin your skin's natural elasticity, giving it ugly dry blotches.

We must avoid dry skin at all costs because it brings about some serious side effects such as chronic eczema or bleeding from cracks that have reached blood vessels. These cracks may get infected too, causing a whole new problem.

When you have dry skin and these steps or home treatment tips do not seem to bring change, you must consult with your care provider so they can check for health conditions that dry up the skin. These include hypothyroidism, psoriasis, lymphoma, diabetes, etc.

Always protect your skin by wearing sunscreen at all times. Another great tip would be avoiding bad habits such as smoking and drinking excessively. There is an anti aging compound that has been discovered in red wine, so perhaps a glass once in a while wouldn't hurt...cheers!

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