Want to know How to Maintain your Hair after Rebonding?

Want to know How to Maintain your Hair after Re-bonding?

However these days there are a lot of ways to get hairstyles of your choice. Thanks to the development that science and technology brought upon us. One such method is hair rebonding, that we will read about a little.

 What is Re-bonding all about?

Re-bonding is about fixing and straightening of hair for a smoother and also a straighter look. This is typically done by an expert who utilizes a blend of hot brushes, irons, and concoction relaxers to achieve the coveted impact. This can tame the generally determined and unmanageable hair inside a matter of hours. This impact stays for a more extended time, as looked at impermanent rectifying arrangements like pressing and blow drying.

 Here are a couple tips that will give answers to every one of your questions with respect to how to keep up your hair in the wake of re-bonding:


As you complete the strategy of re-bonding, your beautician will let you know that you ought to maintain a strategic distance from these things directly after it:

 * Not to wash your hair, or rather keep any contact with your hair for the following three days at any rate.

 * Do not tie it at any expense, particularly subsequent to re-bonding, as the hair is taking a shape so it is ideal to avoid anything that can harm the shape.

* Keep far from hair decorations for the same reason

* Do not tuck your hair at the back of your ears

* If conceivable utilize a shower cap while washing

Nurture your hair for the long haul.

Talking about how to keep up your hair in the wake of re-bonding, it must be specified that it is necessary to take care of your re-bonding all through. Following these will ensure that the rebonding stays longer and look its best at any time.

 * Make beyond any doubt that you utilize a fixing cleanser dependably

 * Conditioner your hair after every wash

 * It is best not to treat your hair for the following six months with shading or highlights

 * Trim your hair at all times to keep parts close at Bay

 * Make beyond any doubt to utilize a leave in conditioner as this will keep your hair hydrated and frizz free

 * Treat your hair very special with hair spa and covers as this will keep your hair fed

 * Shampoo your hair on exchange days

 * Make utilization of hair serum to keep your hair very much secured

 * Always utilize a cap or umbrella when you go out into the sun

 * If possible use cold water only while washing your hair

 * Oil your hair as it is the best way to treat your hair

 * Use steam (with a hot towel especially after oiling) for your hair to deep condition in

 * Do not tie it while sleeping

 * Comb your hair preferably with a wooden comb to dodge additional static and frizz of plastic combs

 * Eat sensibly like food rich with fibers and vegetables and live healthily as this will do the rest

To be honest, re-bonding is a risky procedure which is why even professionals would ask for your consent. It would be better if you think about it twice before undergoing the process. Moreover, it will take a lot of your time maintaining it, and you will have to ensure that you can do so before going for touch ups as well.

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