Why you should switch to Warm Baths from Hot Ones

Why you should switch to Warm Baths from Hot Ones .

Hot baths are most certainly one of the most relaxing activities that you look forward to after a long and tiring day at work. But what happens when instead of providing the effects of relaxation, a hot bath ends up harming your mind and body with its various health risks. If you did not know about the risks of bathing too often or too long in hot water, the read ahead will provide you the necessary insight. How does bathing in hot water affect your organs? What are the health risks? And what are the alternatives for it?

A hot bath can be dangerous for your health but never will a warm bath prove to be anything but healthy. Check out the following page to gain the proper guidance. Before that, you must understand the difference between hot and warm. While hot means a high degree of extreme heat, warm means a fairly comfortable temperature and a pleasant amount of heat. So, you can decide for yourself if hot water is really the right medium for your skin to be soaked in for a prolonged time when you bath.

Why Real Hot Baths are Unhealthy

Bathing in hot water poses various health risks. Know about the various unhealthy reasons.

Skin Burns and Injuries - Your skin will not be able to tolerate the high temperature of water and end up being burnt. Skin is the most delicate organ of our bodies, so it is not uncommon for them to be sensitive to hot water. Skin diseases and open wounds are likely to worsen more with the touch of heated water on them.

Dizziness - Being in a hot tub for too long can result in dizziness and you may end up losing balance. This is how, bathroom accidents occur with head injuries, ankle sprains, broken hips and others. The reason is, being in the hot water for too long causes your body’s blood pressure to fluctuate. So, you are unable to control your nerves.

Low Blood Pressure - Being in the heat for too long causes a phenomenon called the vasodilatation where the blood vessel of your skin dilates. As a result of it, the pressure by the blood to the vessels become low and the blood pressure results in hypotension. Especially for those with heart problems are at higher risks, since, the heart beats faster to compensate for the poor blood flow.

Switch to Warm Baths

In order to give yourself the same pleasure of a relaxing and refreshing bath by gaining healthier benefits, try warm baths. The health benefits include:

· Good for Pain in Muscles - Your muscles usually relax as warm water soaks in the skin making the muscle pain disappear.

· Heals Joint Problems - Warm water baths are usually used for therapeutic reasons since they help relief pain in the joints. So it is great for people with arthritis and alike.

· Relaxes your skin - Believe it or not, but the skin is the largest organ of the body and it needs its share of care as well. As you soak your skin in warm water, the pores dilate and allow the skin to relax.

A Word of Advice

In case you love taking baths just a little too much, then always drink water before you get into the tub. For prolonged time, your blood pressure fluctuates resulting in the dehydration of your veins. So, drinking water helps you stay hydrated properly.

Therefore, now you are cautioned and aware of the differences, effects and results of bathing in warm water rather than hot, go relax.

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