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What makes us healthy? The Full Definition Of Healthy

The full definition of what makes us healthy

Most of us mistake being healthy as the absence of sickness, but the true definition of healthy goes beyond that. Of course physical well being is a huge part of being healthy, but the mental and emotional aspects of our lives must be taken care of as well. Due to the mentioned misconception, we spend a lot on medical services to remedy our situation when things go wrong, forgetting that these efforts should be invested in improving our general health through the way we choose to live. So what makes us healthy?

Healthy behavior

When you make it your duty to practice healthy behaviors, you can say that you have at least covered 50% of your healthy chart. These behaviors include; eating a balanced diet, hydrating appropriately, physical exercise, getting enough sleep and avoiding risky habits such as smoking and excessive drinking of alcohol.

Ensuring that you are focusing on getting a good education, spending your money wisely and connecting …