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What makes us healthy? The Full Definition Of Healthy

The full definition of what makes us healthy

Most of us mistake being healthy as the absence of sickness, but the true definition of healthy goes beyond that. Of course physical well being is a huge part of being healthy, but the mental and emotional aspects of our lives must be taken care of as well. Due to the mentioned misconception, we spend a lot on medical services to remedy our situation when things go wrong, forgetting that these efforts should be invested in improving our general health through the way we choose to live. So what makes us healthy?

Healthy behavior

When you make it your duty to practice healthy behaviors, you can say that you have at least covered 50% of your healthy chart. These behaviors include; eating a balanced diet, hydrating appropriately, physical exercise, getting enough sleep and avoiding risky habits such as smoking and excessive drinking of alcohol.

Ensuring that you are focusing on getting a good education, spending your money wisely and connecting with others in a way that improves you as a person is all part of ensuring that you are a healthy person. Changing your habits to take care of your physical as well as mental and emotional needs is a major steps towards accomplishing your health goals. Remember, you can never really say that it's too late to change and start living healthy, but the earlier you change the better.

Your environment

Does your environment allow you to be healthy? A clean environment means that you have clean air to breathe, clean food and water. Exposure to too many chemicals in your surrounding could harm your health and lead to unforeseen health complications. Anything you can do to maintain a clean environment benefits you and everyone else around.


Although we cannot control this area ourselves, our genetics do play a key part in determining our health. Hereditary issues tend to interfere with one's general well being, but this area only covers about 20% of your health chart. This does not mean that you can lose hope and blame genetics for your unhealthy state! With the right attitude and behavior adaptations, you can take care of your health and be able to live well despite the problems brought about by your genes.

Access to healthcare

It only covers about 10% of the health chart. When you can access good medical services, it means that you will be able to treat minor health issues before they blow out of proportion. Both general and specialized healthcare plays a big role in controlling lifestyle diseases and sometimes the hereditary issues. Medical services are a very beneficial part of the chart but only if one chooses to live in a way that they do not expose themselves to too many risks.
Healthy living is dependent on many things. The good news is that half the things that make us healthy are within our grasp. The other half is dependent on things that could be beyond us, but we are still capable of improving our lives so that our health is the most important part of our existence.

The statistics are courtesy of the New England Healthcare Institute and the Boston Foundation.

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