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Does Exercising Help Eyesight as we Age?

Does exercise help eyesight as we get older

Regular physical exercise has been proven to promote good health. However, its role in preventing eyesight problems is not well known. Most eye problems are linked to other health problems such as diabetes and cardiovascular problems. As exercise helps keep such health issues at bay, it makes sense that our eyes would derive the same benefits as the rest of the body.

Several studies in the recent past have corroborated this belief linking a healthy lifestyle and regular physical exercise to vision health. Many eye problems are
also age-related in that they manifest themselves the more we age. In worst case scenarios, they may even lead to blindness. Regular exercise be it moderate or vigorous can help avert these problems or limit them if they do
occur. One of the eye problems associated with age is age-related macular degeneration; a leading cause of vision loss. It affects the central retinal area of the eye that is responsible for sharp and pr…