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6 Great Ways To Ease Pain And Stiffness Caused By Arthritis

Ease pain and stiffness from arthritis

Arthritis is a disease that affects the joints, causing a wear and tear that brings about excruciating pain and stiffness with time. Since there is no cure, doctors only control the inflammation with medication which may not sit well with your body, prompting the need for natural methods. Here are a few completely natural ways of easing the pain brought about by arthritis.

Get a massage

You can learn how to self massage or schedule regular appointments with someone who is experienced in massaging patients with the same condition. The best way to get such a person is through a recommendation from your care provider. You will notice that a regular massage works wonders when it come to easing pain and stiffness caused by arthritis.

Shed off a few pounds

Due to the fact that arthritis brings about pain in the joints, adding extra kilos from your weight will only aggravate the condition. Ease a bit of the pressure on your knee and hip joints by losing weight and the pain caused by the arthritis will be relieved albeit slightly.


There are several exercise routines you could take up to ease this kind of pain and get over the stiffness. Whatever you like doing, ask your doctor whether it will be OK, then get down to some regular exercise. Some people take up yoga to ease pain caused by arthritis. Others take up swimming, which is great because there is no pressure on the joints. Just ensure that your exercising trainer is fully aware of your condition to avoid putting you in positions that could bring about more harm than good. Avoid exercises that stress the joints.


It is an ancient Chinese treatment that restores balance and refocuses energy through the insertion of needles in some parts of your body. The therapy has been known to ease pain for arthritis patients, so if you're brave enough to give it a try you could start by getting a recommendation for a good acupuncturist.


Meditation has been known to work towards easing pain caused by arthritis. You could literally meditate your way to a healthy body, with more flexible joints and reduced pain. Try meditation with the other forms of therapy for arthritis for good results.

Try supplements

What are you ingesting? Did you know that turmeric has amazing anti inflammatory properties that could greatly reduce arthritis pain? Fish oil supplements are also recommended, as they help with arthritis pain and stiffness. There are also several herbal supplements that you could give a try but whatever the case, always check with your doctor before taking any medication to avoid dangerous side effects.

Knowing that you could possibly live with a condition for the rest of your life is a bit disheartening, which is the case for most arthritis patients. You must however refuse to let this put you down! Make your life fun by mixing up some natural therapy methods for easing the pain and stiffness brought about by arthritis. Remember however, do not try anything the doctor would not recommend!

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