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Good Habits For Strong, Healthier Bones In Older Age

Good habits for strong healthier bones

Keeping your bones healthy is not as hard as you might think. All it takes is a good diet, physical exercise and a few lifestyle changes to boost your bone mass. It is quite unfortunate that once we get to the age of 30 we practically start to lose more bone than we are gaining, but this does not mean that we are all vulnerable to osteoporosis, a condition that makes bones brittle and easily fractured. We can protect and make our bones healthier by simply following these guidelines.


What is on your plate? Are your meals rich in calcium, vitamin D, vitamin K and potassium? These minerals and vitamins, especially calcium are the main building blocks for your bones. Calcium will boost your bone health in old age, ensuring that you are strong and healthy. Milk products are great sources of calcium while Vitamin D can be found in cereals and citric juice, or by simply exposing yourself to the sun. Potassium and Vitamin K facilitate the absorption of calcium in the body, making them quite important in the process of strengthening bones.


Do not underestimate the role that physical exercise plays in giving you strong bones! In fact, studies have shown that people who are physically inactive are at a high risk of getting osteoporosis. So get up and start jogging, walking, swimming, cycling etc.. Basically, the activity that you enjoy and that makes you break into a sweat is great exercise for your bones. However, if you already have osteoporosis it would be wise to check with your trainer before embarking on any form of physical exercise that would strain your bones.

Cut down on the booze

An occasional drink may not have adverse effects, but drinking too much interferes with the way vitamin D works in your body, bringing about more bone loss than the person who does not consume a lot of alcohol.

Reduce your caffeine intake

Too much caffeine actually interferes with calcium absorption in your body. You may not have to entirely give up your morning cup of coffee, but do not consume a lot of it. Also, balance by eating foods with lots of calcium. This way you will boost your bone mass and have strong bones even in old age.

Quit smoking

You have probably been given several reasons as to why you should stop smoking, well, here is one more: smoking reduces your bone mass as it interferes with calcium absorption in your body.

The importance of bones in our body is evident because apart from storing calcium, bones are the ones that literally hold us up enabling us to have posture and gait. Adapt to a lifestyle that will boost your bone health to ensure that you will have strong bones even when old. Although it is advisable to start practicing good habits for healthier bones from the time we are little children, it is never too late to start! The old can still boost bone mass and keep osteoporosis at bay by following these simple guidelines.

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