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Are Genetically Modified Foods Unhealthy?

Are genetically modified foods healthy?

The chances that you have been eating genetically modified foods are very high. Known as GMOs, they are almost impossible to avoid as they currently make about 80% of the processed foods that we have access to. The only ones who can be really sure are the ones who eat fresh foods that have not been processed and are clearly labelled as certified organic or non-GMO. But are GMOs unhealthy? Let's discuss what we know so far.

What are genetically modified foods?

They have been in existence for the longest time. The term GMOs refers to genetically modified organisms, whereby scientists merge DNA from different species to come up with new plants and animals. Most of our foods like corn, soy, papaya, alfalfa, zucchini and sugar beets which are a main ingredient in white sugar are usually genetically modified. FDA has no restrictions on GMOs so they can freely be sold and accessed by all.

People who do not have a problem with GMOs say that they are a good option because they give the farmers an easier time by growing faster, which means production is in plenty and the foods are more affordable for us.
But those who are not pro-GMO are worried about their safety and the long term effect they may have on our general health.

Are genetically modified foods unhealthy?

While we are being told that these foods are completely safe as revealed by tests conducted on animals for about 20 years now, there are still numerous doubts. Experts have conducted studies that show negative effects. For instance, they are said to cause harm to the kidneys, heart, liver and other body organs.

The fact that corn is sprayed with toxic chemicals in terms of pesticides raises questions. The chemicals may not harm the corn but what effect does it have on the consumers?
The risk of cancer is raised by being exposed to carcinogens that are used in the making of GMOs. There is also the risk of new allergies and a possible resistance to antibiotics.

The decision to go non GMO remains personal, but it is important that we highlight on the dangers to our health so we can save the future generations. As cited by the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, animal studies show a tremendous amount of immunity disorders, abnormal aging, infertility, gastrointestinal and other damages to our organs.

Although many argue that there are no studies or evidence to show that GMOs are the reason behind the numerous health problems such as obesity and cancer, we cannot gamble on our precious life! It is important to raise awareness and avoid contamination.

With the rise of 'better' genetically modified foods, there is a new danger, where new weeds are emerging. This has prompted the invention of new weed killers which raises even more worry on the levels of toxicity we are being increasingly being exposed to. Overall, GMOs may be the cheaper option, but the unknown risks are many, which leaves us very vulnerable to unforeseen health problems. To save the environment and our general health, we cannot help but raise questions about the genetically modified option!

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