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Is Aging Beautiful? Things To Look Forward To As We Get Older

Aging is a beautiful thing to look forward to as we get older

It is sad that our society has not been taught to celebrate aging. Most of us fear getting old since we see it as the end of the good part of life. But is it really that bad? Are there great opportunities that come with aging amidst the challenges? Are there things that we can look forward to as we age, things that we just couldn't have in our younger years? Absolutely! Here are some of the things that we gain as we get older.

1. Family

One of the best feelings is raising another generation and watching them grow into independent adults. As you grow, you experience love in different forms. Whether its from a spouse, children, grandchildren etc., it makes the journey much more fun and enjoyable. The other beautiful part about gaining a family is that you get to attend weddings, graduation ceremonies, birthdays and so many other celebrations that bring out all the beautiful emotions in life.

2. Self confidence

As you grow older, you learn how to hold on to the good things and let go of the bad. You learn about the important people that you need to impress and the ones who do not matter. This knowledge raises your self esteem and gives you a confidence boost that you couldn't have had in your younger years as you tried to figure everything out! A confident woman is more beautiful than any magazine-worth face or body.

3. You gain experience

Time literally teaches you a lot about life. Whether good or bad, experience gained never goes to waste. It makes you wiser, and who wouldn't want to be wise enough to avoid these little mistakes!

4. You are generally happier with yourself

As we age, the urge to obsess over our looks lessens and we begin to focus on other more important things. A woman who is over 50 and who knows where her efforts should be directed is much more happier than the younger woman who is still concentrating on her appearance. This internal happiness makes you more beautiful as it radiates on the outside.

5. Enjoy what you have built in your younger years

Our younger years are spent trying to get things together. From work, relationships, education, etc. The older years are spent enjoying the fruits of these efforts. This is where you can now focus on your hobbies and generally get to enjoy life. This is why we are told to invest wisely in our younger years so we may have an easier time in the later years.

Anyone would tell you, investing in the outer beauty alone is a lousy investment. Some of us are so caught up in our current status, so we invest in breast implants and other forms of cosmetic surgery, forgetting about the later implications or the fact that the investment will not yield profits later in life. It is not a bad thing to want to look your best, but it would be great if we focused our energies on living in a way that would ensure that we stay healthy and wealthy even in the later years in life.

Tips and tricks to living longer

It does not involve any rocket science really, just simple tweaks here and there to get your life on the right track.

Eat well - Avoid pumping your body with chemicals or junk foods. Eat lots of vegetables and ensure that you have a balanced diet.

Hydrate - Take lots of water or natural juice for a good detox system in your body.

Avoid the sun - The strong rays of the sun will wrinkle your skin and make you look much older than you really are. To stay younger, stay away from the UV rays or invest in a good sunscreen.

Do not smoke - It ruins your skin's elasticity and also makes you look older.

Exercise regularly - It keeps your muscles toned and aids in promoting a healthy heart and radiant looking skin.

 Investing in a way that as you get older your money works for you is a great way to ensure that you will relax and enjoy life once you pass the 50 year mark.
Being young is fun, but since we cannot stay young forever its good to also look at the perks that come with getting older. Fighting age is a battle that we are all bound to lose at some point so instead of living in denial, its better that we stayed healthy and started looking forward to those later years!

Good Habits for Strong Bones in Older age

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