The Health benefits from eating Herbs and Spices

The health benefits from eating herbs and spices

Healthy herbs are always present in most kitchen cabinets and refrigerators. Some of them are spices to foods that makes food sweet while others are meals themselves. Over the years, herbs have been used for their health benefits such as medicinal or nutritional values. The more fresh herbs and spices are the better and even if they are dried for longevity, they ought to be fresh dried. This article is a discussion on some herbs and spices with their benefits, health benefits.

Healthy spices includes cinnamon and Turmeric among others. Cinnamon is known to lower blood sugar levels and also has been known to be a very powerful Anti-Diabetic effects. This is a well-known spice that is present in many types of recipes. The compound cinnamaldehyde in cinnamon is the one that cinnamon owes its medicinal value. Aside from lowering the cholesterol levels cinnamon is an anti-oxidant and so it helps fight inflammation and is best in a dose of a maximum of six grams per day. Turmeric also has anti-inflammatory effects because of the compound it contains, Curcumin. It is so great that it matches the effects of most anti-inflammatory medicines or drugs.

Herbs are also important health recipes such as sage, Peppermint, holy basil, cayenne pepper and ginger among others. Ginger is known to treat nausea and also a great anti-inflammatory herb. In fact ginger has been used as an alternative form of medicine. Ginger is also known to have the same effects on colon cancer as aspirin. Capsaicin in cayenne pepper is known to have anti-cancer qualities as much as it is an appetite reduction herb. Moreover cayenne pepper is a chili pepper that is an additive for nice and spicy meals. Studies also shows that capsaicin in cayenne pepper increases the burning capabilities of the body to fats. The healthy dose per day is recorded to be one gram daily.

Another herb that is a spicy food additive and is known to improve brain functionality is the sage. Its healing properties was most reputable during the middle ages when it was applied to treat the plague during that time line. Also, research has shown in the recent time that sage can be helpful to patients with Alzheimer’s disease to improve their memory as well as brain function. Holy basil is known to boost immunity as well as fight some infectious diseases. It is a sacred herb in India and research indicates that holy basil is known to inhibit growth of a wide range of molds, yeasts as well as bacteria.

There are however a wide range of herbs and spices world over that helps in alternative medicine and are delicious food additive too. Other types in this list includes Fenugreek that controls blood sugar levels, garlic that is known to improve heart conditions and fights many aspects of sickness. Garlic does this because it has the compound allicin responsible for its strong smell. Garlic is also good for colds.

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