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What are the Health Benefits of Marijuana

Marijuana has been a very controversial topic to discuss. It has been an unending clash of conflicting opinions among the police departments, medical doctors, legislators and social activist. Unfortunately, individuals who benefit from the intake of medical marijuana are those who suffer from very serious conditions.

A huge number of studies have documented the essential benefits associated with Marijuana across a wide range of ages, genders, races and health conditions. The following includes the health benefits of taking marijuana.

1. Treat Glaucoma

Marijuana can be used to suppress glaucoma which is associated with the increase of pressure inside the eyeball. This pressure is likely to injure the optic nerves hence resulting to loss of vision. According to a research from the National Eye Institute, marijuana can successfully lower the pressure around the eye.

2. Slow and stop the cancer cells from spreading

According to a study that was published by journal molecular cancer, is that marijuana has the capacity of stopping cancer by switching off a gene known as Id-1. In fact, the American Association of Cancer Research found that marijuana works greatly to slow down the spread of the tumor in the breast, brain, and lungs.

3. Relieve Arthritis

According to a report from researchers in the year 2011, it was reported that marijuana can reduce inflammation and pain and also promote sleep. This helps to reduce discomfort and pain for individuals who have rheumatoid arthritis.

4. Control Epileptic Seizure

Marijuana contains THC that helps to control seizures by bringing together the brain cells which are responsible for regulation of relaxation and controlling the excitability. This discovery is backed up by Robert Delorenzo of the Common Wealth University who conducted the experiment with a rat.

5. Helps to sooth tremors for individuals battling Parkinson’s disease

According to the recent studies from Israel, smoking marijuana is highly effective in the reduction of tremors and pain. Also, improves the rate of falling asleep to patients with Parkinson’s disease. The most impressive news about the research is that it improves greatly the motor skills among such patients.

6. Helps to Ease Sclerosis

Marijuana works effectively to lower down the muscle spasms and neurological effects that are brought about by multiple sclerosis. According to a study that was published by the Canadian Medical Association is that marijuana helps to reduce the pain associated with the symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

7. It helps with Crohn’s disease

Marijuana can cure Crohn’s disease. This is a disease which is associated with a disorder from an inflammatory bowel that causes, vomiting, pain, weight loss, diarrhea etc. According to a study from Israel, smoking considerably reduces the symptoms of Crohn’s disease in 10 out of every 11 patients. It was also able to completely cure the disease in 5 of 10 patients.

8. Decrease Anxiety

The researchers from the Harvard University found that another health benefit associated with marijuana is that, it can lower down anxiety. It is capable of improving the mood of the smoker and also acts as a sedative when taken in low dosage. Note that, a higher dose may increase the level of anxiety hence turning you paranoid.

9. Can protect the brain after a Stroke

An experiment was carried out from the University of Nottingham with monkeys, and rats and it was found that marijuana offers protection to the brain against damage by a stroke. This is possible as it decreases the size area affected by a stroke.

10. Helps Veterans Battling PTSD

Marijuana was approved for its efforts in treating PTSD. In fact in New Mexico, PTSD is the main reason why many people have been taking licenses for marijuana. This is also happening for
the first time in the U.S government where the Department of Human and Health Service has accepted a proposal that incorporates vaporized or smoked marijuana. Also, the natural cannabinoids which are similar to THC help to regulate the system that brings about anxiety and fear in the brain and the whole body.


Several studies from different scholars have impressively proved why marijuana is beneficial to our health. Recently, several countries have legalized marijuana given the many associated health benefits. As time goes, many of them are yet to be revealed.

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