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Some Underlying Problems That Can Cause Obesity

Being one of the most complex health concerns across the globe, obesity is presumably associated with many related issues including elevated sugar, high blood pressure, and poor profile to blood lipid. Individuals with these issues are arguably at a higher risk of type 2 diabetes and heart diseases compared to people with normal weight range. So what causes obesity? Well, many individuals think that a lack of willpower causes obesity. What they don’t understand is that people gain a lot of weight due to lifestyle and eating behaviors. Let us have a look at some underlying issues that can cause obesity.

Obesity holds a sturdy genetic component. According to research, obese parents are more likely to have obese kids compared to lean parents. We don’t actually mean the issue is predetermined. Whatever you consume can as well have a significant impact on gene expression. In addition, individuals from non-industrialized societies can suffer from obesity when they start consuming a western diet. Actually, their genes did not change, however, the signal and the environment directed to their genes did. Simply put, genetic plays an integral part of gaining weight, as evidenced by the identical twin research.

Junk foods also play a part as far as obesity is concerned. They are commonly made of refined ingredients blended with some additives. Being cheap products available on the market, they are known to stay longer on shelves and taste awesome, hence it becomes challenging to resist them. What happens after manufacturing good tasting food is that sales will increase making people overeat. Overall, most food we consume nowadays is not natural food. They are genetically modified products designed to attract people.

Addiction is a complex concern that is difficult to overcome. When people become addicted, they lose their freedom of choice tailoring their brains to start looking for whatever they are addicted to. Research has that one can get addicted to food due to the high increase of high-fat and sweetened foods. In fact, the addition is comparable to the popularly abused drugs like cocaine, cannabis, alcohol, and nicotine. Basically, junk food can lead to addiction in susceptible people. Such people find it challenging to control their eating habits, the same way an individual struggling with a drug addiction does.

Insulin is a vital hormone that monitors energy storage. Among its functions is to store fat. The western diet encourages insulin resistance in several obese and overweight people. This boosts the level of insulin in the body, resulting in the storage of energy in the fat cells instead of utilizing it.
Although the role of insulin in overweight and obese is controversial, research has that high insulin level plays a significant part in obese development. To lower your insulin level, cut refined carbohydrates while taking more fiber. This way, it becomes easier to reduce calories and make effortless weight loss.

If you are overweight or obese, take the right measures. Despite being challenging to control how your body works, it is reasonable to change your lifestyle and control what you consume. 

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