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Top 5 Health Boosting Foods For Men Above 50

Top 5 boosting foods for men above 50

It is no secret that aging has a way of slowing you down. Luckily, you can boost male health by eating well and treating your body right. Eat well to live longer! So what foods have the ability to boost male health? Which foods can help the body stay young while combating diseases and keeping the male body fit? If these questions were running in your mind, then you definitely are in the right place.

1. Whole grains

Consider incorporating whole grains into your daily diet. They are sufficiently high in fiber and protein, successfully lowering cholesterol levels. For instance, the fiber content in foods such as
 oatmeal, wheat, brown rice and barley helps in maintaining a healthy heart and colon. You also reduce your chances of getting type 2 diabetes by regulating your body's insulin levels. So what is in your breakfast menu? A man who wants to be healthy when he is way above 50 will have some whole grains in there!

2. Green vegetables

If it is dark green then it is great for you. Some encouraging news for older men suffering from erectile dysfunction, the lutein found in spinach helps remedy your situation and actually boosts the amount of blood that flows to the penis. Other important minerals found in these green vegetables include calcium, potassium and folate. Did you know men equally risk getting osteoporosis? The calcium found in green veggies can help a lot, and in preventing prostate cancer too.

3. Nuts

Stay healthy when you are 50+ by literally going nuts for nuts! Brazil nuts will reduce your chances of getting prostate cancer. Almonds are great for boosting your mood and reducing insomnia. Pistachio nuts will keep your heart healthy and lower the levels of cholesterol in your blood. Whether you are having peanuts, walnuts, or any of the above mentioned, nuts are packed with nutrients that will raise your energy levels, help your body to function at its optimum and generally help your male body to age well.

4. Fruits and berries

Aging men who eat fruits, especially the red and orange ones give their bodies the ability to fight cancer and other ailments. These fruits include oranges, pomegranates, tomatoes etc. which contain beta-carotene, a special component that makes the fruits great immunity boosters for aging men. Berries on the other hand contain high levels of Vitamin C and boost brain health. Having memory problems? Have a cup of blueberries or acai berries on a daily basis! Fruits and berries have the ability to boost men's heart health, keep the skin supple, prevent Parkinsons disease and combat erectile dysfunction.

5. Legumes

We are talking beans and lentils. Just like the berries, beans are great for the brain because they have anthrocyanins. They also have high fiber and protein content, aiding in digestion and acting as the perfect substitute for meat. Legumes are known to be among the top foods that are cancer killers! In fact, recent studies have shown that some components found in kidney beans help in preventing colon cancer.

We all want to be energetic, look good and keep fit even when we are really old. These top 5 foods that boost male health are a sure way of ensuring that happens,with the ability to combat ailments like cancer, promoting brain health and even maintaining internal organs such as the heart, liver and colon. Adopt a healthy lifestyle even when you are 50+ and you will sure get to enjoy the benefits of a healthy body!

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