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Take a Glance in the mirror - Your muscle tone can be reversed

Take a glance in the mirror - Your muscle tone can be reversed.

Aging is a matter of manipulated body chemistry, and specifically after 50. This keeping the muscles toned up and related worries come into the picture. Moreover, it is also important to keep the Muscles in shape as the atrophy if extended, can be pretty challenging to overcome. You must also know that just because you are over 50, it doesn’t necessarily mean you got to lose muscle.

But aging is a thing, what do we do?

Now, that is something we need to discuss on. The best way to regain the Muscles and add new muscle fiber in a natural way is to engage yourself in some mild strength training and make sure the training suits your health condition. This has nothing to do with age as training always differs with body type and capacity even if you are 10 years old. If you are a weight lifter, thumbs up on that. Continuing the same will help you regain your muscle tone. Other options to maintain body muscle is to use resistance bands, resistance tubes, and excellent body weight exercises deserve applause.

Being knowledgeable about almost everything, the biggest mistakes we do is not listening to our body's. No matter what your age is, sudden bouts of exercises generate scar tissue and specifically after 50.

Studies show that a receptor named Notch is present in the adult muscle stem cells and this triggers muscle growth when activated. The mitogen-activated protein kinase initiates the Notch activity. This, in turn, enhances the regenerative ability significantly. Our plan is to wake this thing up!

Start slowly and talk to trainers about what could suit your body. After the mild training, you can reach up to a possible level of rigorousness in the session. Now, another huge mistake that can cause the damage is giving more than too much rest to your Muscles, which in normal terms called as ??being ultimately lazy. Consistency is a key factor and is critical when it comes to the resistance training.

1. Set a schedule and exercise according to your weekly or monthly schedule.

2. Do not sort it according to your favorite exercises.

3. Customize your routine and schedule.

4. Be adamant about not failing the planned routine.

If you are doing good with your first week of routine, it means that you are capable and you don’t have to necessarily make it rigorous and exploit your ability.

You are working out, which means providing fuel to the working machine is important. Providing fuel directly promotes the intake of proteins, healthy fats and keeping your carbs level in the pace and certainly, lean protein is a plus.

Research says that as you age, your body automatically tunes you to avoid proteins and unfortunately, proteins are mandatory for building Muscles and maintaining the same. If you had heard that insulin prevents muscle breakdown, it is a yes but not in the adult body. Stop dreaming about any miracle drug to be introduced that can keep you lazy and fit. Dieticians seem to roll on the floor and laugh about this.

Be the one who would inspire your friends from getting over the 'I’m old and incapable’ scenario.

Is Aging beautiful? Things to look forward to as we get older

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