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Will Vitamin D3 Help your Dry Skin?

Will Vitamin D3 Help your Dry Skin?

Dry skin or xerosis cutis (abnormally dry skin) is commonly occurring during dry seasons and is always treated with moisturizers or emollients (mixtures of chemical agents). The place where xerosis cutis occurs is the knuckles, the sides of thighs and abdomens, arms, lower legs, and the scalp. When there is a severe attack of dry skin, there may be cracking and also the outer layer of the skin peels off. Analogs of Vitamin D3 depict increased expression of a protein termed as filaggrin (filament aggregating protein) in the skin. This protein of filaggrin is closely associated with the
process of maintaining moisture in the skin, and hence those lacking this filaggrin gene often are affected by eczema.

Experiments have shown that the higher the quantity of Vitamin D3 in your body will lead to a healthy skin. Secondly, application of topical Vitamin D3 resulted in the less dry skin then when
compared to a placebo sample. We call vitamin D as the sunshine vitamin for it helps us to keep the moisture in our skin intact.

Though you are bound to be affected by dry skin in winter, the good news is that intake of Vitamin D3 will help reduce this effect and help in keeping your healthy skin from further damage. There are people who treat aging skin and also skin conditions like psoriasis, lupus vulgaris, vitiligo, and other such conditions with the use of Vitamin D3. A number of studies depict that there is a relation between use of Vitamin D3 and reduction in dry skin. It has been researched that Vitamin D3 is most crucial for maintaining a correct balance of moisture in the skin. A lack of such balance will lead to the wrinkled or aging skin.

The special layer of the skin converts the sun’s ultraviolet B radiation into Vitamin D and hence, the absence of the sun in winter hampers this conversion leading to dry skin from sun damage. If you love to work outdoors, exposing yourself to the morning sun will help in combating vitamin D deficiency. Though too much of sun and vitamin D is harmful to your health.

Helping yourself to vitamin D rich food is also advisable to fight off dry skin. A plate of salmon will provide ample vitamin D along with plenty of omega-3 fatty acids much required for combating dry and aging skin. Other fish food includes tuna, cod, liver oil, and sardines along with eggs help you to inject vitamin D in your body.

You can enjoy your day with a glass of fresh, tangy orange juice whereby you are assured of at least a third of your daily dosage of vitamin D. An additional advantage of a fresh orange juice is that you get your vitamin C also which is needed for collagen strengthening which is the key to slow down the rate of aging skin.

Grabbing a cup of yogurt assures you with at least one-fifth of your daily dose of vitamin D along with yogurt being a probiotic food; it adds good’ bacteria to your intestine making way for fewer infections and good digestion. You may also eat a bowl full of whole grain cereal for breakfast to give you at least a quarter of the necessary vitamin D dosage. You also partake of fibers during this breakfast which controls your weight.

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